A late night conversation after a long day of work, a flicker of inspiration that refuses to fade, a single and shared hope that fans the flame, and a mission that can’t be extinguished.


What if a humble candle could light the world? 


ANDERSON LILLEY was created by two big-dreaming entrepreneurs, Susan Anderson and Scott Lilley, whose shared desire to give back was the catalyst to create this visionary organization.  With a history in fine cosmetics and manufacturing, the partners imagined a place where they could perfect their craft and change the world at the same time.  The result is an inspired range of home fragrance that leads the industry in artful formulation and design, while being a vehicle for social support.



ANDERSON LILLEY shares a portion of profits with choice not-for-profit organizations in several important categories, including illness, children’s needs, and animals.  By creating a for-profit company that has philanthropy built into its business model, giving back can be more impactful than ever.



Light a candle, and light the world.













We believe in good, we believe in light.


We believe that each one of us has the power to make an impact, every day.


At ANDERSON LILLEY, that belief is built into our business and it is what keeps us going.  We donate a full 10% of net profit to five charities annually.  These are the souls on the frontlines, the game-changers, the hope-givers.  These are the souls who Light the World.


It is our hope that this ethos carries through our product and into your home.  We want you to know that each time you choose ANDERSON LILLEY, you are giving back.  We want your burning candle to be the catalyst to inspire your own acts of kindness, to inspire you to smile more, to believe and share, to think and respect, to love and give, to unearth the simplest ways to Light The World.  Do whatever it is that only YOU can do.  Each and every thought and action help.






Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Susan Anderson is no stranger to hard work and entrepreneurialism. Her father infused into her a spirit of dedication and possibility while she worked alongside him in his men's clothing stores from a young age. Along with being credited as the person who brought bell-bottoms to Pittsburgh, Susan's father was devoted to taking care of his community and family.  He and her mother were her first example of giving back and supporting a community. They both taught her that she could achieve anything, while still having fun and enjoying life. 


Susan’s desire to volunteer and to give back started at a young age.  She began volunteering at a local nursing home, teaching art to inner city kids, and founded a volunteer organization at her high school to encourage others to do the same.  She won a city award for excellence in philanthropy. 


After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a Degree in Graphic Design, Susan went on to follow in her father's footsteps with a career in fashion and beauty. Her vast experience includes sales leadership roles at companies such as Banana Republic, Bare Escentuals, L'Oreal, Jane Iredale, Dermalogica, and Elemis. In her most recent role as the head of sales and marketing for a luxury home fragrance brand, Susan's lifelong love of fragrance took center stage. She became inspired to create. This inspiration, blended with the longing to give back, which had been put on the backburner due to the business of raising a family and working high-level positions, was the origin of the ANDERSON LILLEY brand. Her hope is that this brand sparks a conversation about what we are all doing to give back, to other people and to the world.


Susan resides in Manhattan Beach with her husband, Doug, children, Luc and Lila, and three rescue doggies. She dedicates her work at ANDERSON LILLEY to her parents.






Scott Lilley has a long and successful history in corporate finance, manufacturing and operations.  However, Scott's real story begins with his son Lucas, a child who changedhis life, and the lives of so many around him.

Lucas Scott Lilley was born perfectly healthy.  At four weeks old, he was rushed to the hospital with a high fever and lethargy.  After a series of tests, doctors found bacteria in his cerebrospinal fluid and blood.  Lucas was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, an extremely dangerous infection, and his family was told there was no hope for recovery.  Life support was withdrawn.



Nine years later, Lucas has defied his prognosis and is a living miracle.  Scott Lilley and his family wake up each morning inspired by a boy who wasn't supposed to live past 6 weeks.  Scott's mission is for ANDERSON LILLEY and Light the World to create inspiration and belief in the human spirit.


Scott Lilley lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jen, and their three children, Ryan, Lauren and Lucas. Read more about Lucas Lilley here.  www.lucaslilleyfoundation.org